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4 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Virtual Office Address


4 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Virtual Office Address

Karen Allison
Karen Allison March 6, 2018

Image has always played a major role in business and despite the increased use of technology, how others see you in a business environment is still as important as ever. People prefer to deal with successful companies, and it can therefore be very difficult for a startup enterprise to carve out their market share, and as far as prestigious offices are concerned, this has always remained elusive for the new business. Huge running costs eliminate the young business, as it is still trying to maintain a level of revenue, while also aiming to expand, yet with a virtual office provider, you can have a registered business address in the CBD, which is where everyone wants to be. If you are just starting out and would like to get your company noticed, here are just a few of the reasons why a virtual office address in ideal for you.

  1. Boost Company Image – Whatever your business, image is an integral component of a successful company. People like to deal with winners, and with virtual office services, you can create the perfect business image, and at very affordable prices, it is an offer that is too good to pass by. If, for example, you would like a virtual address in Sydney, there are online providers of a range of virtual office services, including message taking, virtual receptionists and telephone answering.
  2. Cost Effective – For a small outlay, your phones can be answered by professional receptionists, regardless of the hour, and with the virtual receptionist located at the providers call centre, the caller would be none the wiser. One you have selected your package – and there are many – the provider will always be working in the background to ensure everything is running smoothly, and this will give you total connectivity within your organisation, with all key players instantly receiving messages.
  3. Flexible Partner – Once you have hooked up with an established virtual office provider, they will be ready to step in at any time. Some online retailers experience a high volume of sales around Christmas, and the provider can handle all incoming calls during this busy time, and once things have gone back to normal, you can halt the service until the next time you need it. You might have a receptionist already, and even she needs her annual break, and whenever that time is near, simply contact your local virtual office provider and they will cover while she’s gone.
  4. Sales Conversions – This is what really matters, and missed calls will definitely not help sales, and with professional receptionists who are fully briefed on the client company’s activities, you can be sure that every enquiry is followed up. Most young firms do not have the resources to constantly man the phones, and with a virtual office provider in your corner, you are always assured of getting the most out of sales enquiries.

When people look at a business card and see the prestigious CBD address, they immediately see a successful organisation that is going places, and with a range of services on offer, every business can benefit from this emerging industry.


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