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5 Ways to use a Chamber of Commerce to Promote Your Business

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5 Ways to use a Chamber of Commerce to Promote Your Business

Karen Allison
Karen Allison December 24, 2017

Chambers of Commerce (CoC) exist in many towns and cities to promote local businesses TO local businesses and local customers. If your business has a lot of local clients, you can expand your customer base by taking advantage of some CoC services, as described below. Quite often, the membership fee for joining the local CoC is modest, and it is usually a deductable tax expense. So, how can the CoC help your business marketing and promotion?

Network at Chamber of Commerce events

Most CoC hold regular events where members can gather to eat, drink and network. These might be working breakfasts, lunchtime meetings, and/or evening drinks and nibbles. CoC usually meet at least once a month, and these events are great places to meet other local businessmen and share information on such areas as marketing and the state of the local economy.

Promote company videos on the business cards you give out

One excellent way to stand out is to create a series of company videos that you host on your website (or on YouTube but with quick links to them from your website). Each of these brief videos could be about a specific feature of your business or a product you sell. If you produce a set of business cards specifically to promote your video channel and hand these out at CoC events, you greatly increase the chances of recipients making a connection with you. They may even watch you explain the value of one of your products on a YouTube video.

Use the Chamber of Commerce’s local publication

Your CoC probably has a newspaper, newsletter, brochure, or a regular news email. These can be a great way of promoting your business. At the next CoC event, why not find out who is responsible for the local newsletter? Ask him or her if it would be possible to have an article in a future issue about something that your company is doing. Remember I mentioned company videos before? Well, how about an article on how you produce them and post them on your website or on Logitrain YouTube channel? Video blogs are the latest thing – getting it mentioned in the CoC newspaper will demonstrate that you are keeping up with the tech world.

Quite often, these publications are not only for CoC members, but can also be distributed around the local community. That means that potential customers will see that your business is technically proficient which will improve its standing.

Host your own Chamber of Commerce event(s)

People love free food and free drinks. If your company has a meeting room, or you can hire one, for the price of some food and drinks you can invite the CoC to visit you for an after-work soiree. You can then gently market your business to them. Maybe you could copy all those videos (did I mention them before?) onto a DVD and show them on a TV in a corner of the room. Don’t worry about the sound, as if someone asks you about them, give them a business card to find out more about them.

Get onto the Chamber of Commerce’s website

You should ask the organisers of your local CoC who is responsible for their website and ask that person if you can write an article for the website about your business, maybe including one of your corporate videos in the article. Using a video should add a lot of impact to this article. At the very least, you need to ensure your company is in the online directory of local businesses. Quite often, local people check the CoC website for details of local businesses and depend upon the CoC for reliable information.

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