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How to Modernise Your Company’s HR System


How to Modernise Your Company’s HR System

Brandon Nolan
Brandon Nolan October 31, 2018

If the HR department you work in seems to be disorganised and always struggling to keep up to date then it is time to consider modernisation. As in any HR department, there is a stream of holiday requests, a constant recording of absenteeism, calculating the receipts submitted for expenses and the creation of spreadsheets for reports.

It can sometimes seem to be a daunting task just keeping abreast with all the work. Modernisation is needed and the solution for this could well be found in the Workplace One HR Software System from Avantus HR.

If there are fragmented spreadsheets and paperwork that seem to be disorganised, then it time the house is put in order. The Workplace One HR Software System is easy to install and will thoroughly modernise the HR department and its administration tasks.

It is an online HR system which can be accessed at any time of the day or night. In fact, it is accessible to authorised persons anywhere and at any time, providing there is an internet connection available. It also delivers a self-service environment for operators and management alike.

There are a number of flexible packages available through the Workplace One HR Software System, and moreover, it offers the highest standard of integrity and data security – features which are essential in the wake of data protection fears and privacy breaches.

The system simply keeps updating itself to maintain pace with the demands of the modern technological changes that are always ongoing. Modernisation of your HR system will dramatically reduce the amount of administration that is carried out in the payroll and HR aspects of the department.

If you want your HR system to work harder and faster, then it needs to have access to the Cloud. The Workplace One HR Software System is attached to this platform, so all the data and records within the company are never going to be lost. Furthermore, the data can be accessed from anywhere, providing the connection to the internet is available.

The system provides a complete central employee database which includes comprehensive information about every employee. It also lists the reporting and analytical data for the department heads.

The software also includes a managed payroll service and keeps the HR department apprised of all holidays, sickness and absenteeism records. It is a dynamic way to thoroughly modernise the company records in the HR administration department.

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