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Improve Your Cash Flow


Improve Your Cash Flow

Karen Allison
Karen Allison March 9, 2018

If your run your own business, then you may be faced with regular cash flow issues which can become stressful, especially if you are aware that your employees are depending on the success of your business to benefit their own lives. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that the first two years after a business first starts can be the most challenging, especially when trying to optimise and boost the flow of cash into the business. Regardless of whether your business is based on innovation, production or uses employee creativity to provide a service then you may need to consider adapting your business principles to create a greater cash flow into the company. Therefore, if you want your business to grow and flourish over the longer term it is important that you are able to generate enough cash to continue your business operations over the first two years.

Change the pricing structure

If you run a small business it can sometimes be difficult to efficiently and effectively determine the correct price of the goods or services which your business may provide. Furthermore, during the first few years of operation, a number of businesses seriously underestimate the operational importance of determining their cash flow by implementing a comprehensive pricing strategy. If you are able to optimise the price of your goods or services, then you can potentially increase the sales volume for your business which will also generate a larger bottom line, as well as give you a greater cash flow into the business. If you are still struggling to generate cash for your business then you can apply for a fast business loan today to help your business’ cash flow in the short term.

Automate your systems

Another way in which small businesses can become more efficient at generating greater revenue streams as well as creating a higher cash flow is to create a system of invoicing which is automated by computer systems. Indeed, every transaction that your business will conduct on a daily basis is unique while if you can simplify the process of invoicing your clients and collecting your debts, then you can create a greater cash flow into your business. In addition, if you can find an application or some free software which can help you organise your monthly accounting practices, then you should be able to derive a greater cash flow from your existing accounting processes and customers without changing any of the other business operations.

Become more flexible

In today’s world of globalisation, the marketplace has become more competitive than ever, especially between traditional stores and online retailers which are able to offer their products at a lower price as a result of lower distribution costs in combination with fewer production overheads. Therefore, if you want to become competitive in the traditional and online marketplaces then you should also consider setting up a large range of payment methods which can provide your customers with a wider choice of options while the use of a simpler payment system can also improve the cash flow of your business in the short to medium term.


Hire a good accountant

Finally, another way to improve the flow of cash in to your organisation is to hire a good accountant who can help you understand the various aspects of your bookkeeping processes where delays or missed payments may occur. This change can also lead to greater efficiency in your company through a more comprehensive understanding of your financial situation.

Make sure you optimise your business to take advantage of new technologies as well as new business processes to remain competitive in the marketplace.

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