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Local Marketing and Outdoor Signs


Local Marketing and Outdoor Signs

Karen Allison
Karen Allison December 17, 2017

While the internet has been a great boon for many businesses, for small local companies there are still some other great ways to connect with your potential customers. The online Yellow Pages have proven to be helpful just as their predecessor was for local business. Also – taking part in community events such as the neighborhood street fairs and parades are additional ways that many small local businesses can reach out. But the old tried and true outdoor signage is still the best avenue for enticing a new customer into your business location. However, it is important that any small local enterprise give some thought not only to what should be on that sign but also how to approach displaying it. Here are a few basics to consider.

Zoning Restrictions

Whether you are looking at putting up sidewalk signs to advertise or a large banner, you should always look into the zoning restrictions of your neighborhood before starting to plan. Some places will restrict the use of hanging signs while others will forbid anything that constricts the flow of foot traffic on sidewalks, including the small A Frame signs we see so often that tell us a store is open. Before you decide on the type of signage you will use, check your local zoning restrictions on size, type and placement.

Does Your Lease Allow Signs?

Although it may sound counterproductive, there are some leases that may not allow you to advertise your business. This may be especially true if you rent a space in an area that is zoned for both residence and business, such as is often seen in a lawyer’s office that is housed in part of an older home. Often with these types of leases they do not allow a sign, or only allow a small discreet one. Find out by checking your lease for restrictions before planning that banner sign over your door.

Keeping It Visible

You have checked to be sure your local zoning restrictions allow a sign and your landlord allows the type of sign you want to place. Now you have to make sure that it is effective and can be seen so that it is successful. Even the most beautifully designed sign does not help you if no one can see it easily as they pass your business. If you do business at night, make sure the sign is lit. Otherwise you will be missing out on opportunities for clients as soon as the sun goes down, which in the winter is a good chunk of the day too. Also, make sure there are no obstructions to seeing your sign. Plan it so that a tree doesn’t block it or other signs don’t obscure it from any direction.


With the right signage, one that is legal, easy to see and welcoming, you are bound to attract more customers. Best of all, they are more likely to be local ones who will continue to come to your shop or business. While the internet may indeed help us all to be more successful, never discount the value of a well designed and placed sign for bringing in those valuable local customers.

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