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One Stop Solution for Factory Automation Processes


One Stop Solution for Factory Automation Processes

Karen Allison
Karen Allison May 25, 2019

If your company manufactures products or processes food, automation systems are something you cannot be without, and rather than dealing with several companies, there is an expert control systems integrator company in Petersborough who can design, build and maintain the perfect factory automation systems to ensure you meet your commitments.

Bespoke Solutions

There are no off-the-shelf solutions for factory automation, therefore, each project is unique and offers specific challenges for the system designer. No matter how complex the processing is, the specialist automation company can design and install the perfect system.

System Types

The following systems are widely used in the manufacturing process:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) – These run on an operating system that can rival the processing power of a desktop computer, and with the right software, even a complex program can be created, taking into account every aspect of the production process.
  • Control Panels – OEM kits can be created to control any major automated processes that are used in the food and beverage, or manufacturing industry. This is a very specialised field, and if you want to speak to a leading automated process designer, they can be found with an online search.

From Concept Design to Installation & Support

The ideal company would assign a project manager, whose job it is to liaise with the client at every stage of the project, and with an established team of experts, your automated processes will be designed specifically for your operation.

When it comes to factory process automation, look for a company that is tried and tested and has an impressive list of clients and you really can’t go wrong.











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