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Quality Control Inspection for Manufacturers in China


Quality Control Inspection for Manufacturers in China

Karen Allison
Karen Allison July 24, 2019

The made in China goods are much in demand from global consumers. This is because of the quality of products and cheap price. China tops the world in exports too. These are happening due to the presence of China inspection services. Every retailer now trusts its service to meet the delivery of quality products and in the right quantities. This will save you money and time without getting goods rejection. This can also avoid trade dispute with your manufacturer. We have discussed here a few quality control (QC) inspections. There are necessary for all retailers.

Process Control

The process control is essential to maintain every time in your goods manufacturing. It is advisable to follow the production process, which is as per the written rules by your management. This will enable to produce quality products and avoid wastages. An importer will also conduct a third-party process control inspection. This is to see manufacturer follow the best in compliance while in manufacturing. You will be having an internal QC team. However, you must permit every importer to carry the inspection before giving bulk orders for manufacturing.

First article inspection (FAI)  

This is important to see before manufacturing in bulk quantities. This is because; the first product must be with quality. It must be free from manufacturing defects. You must hire a third-party inspection agency to conduct the first product inspection with your manufacturer. You can give a bulk order if the first product is without any manufacturing defect. It will also see the first product is manufactured as per the agreed terms. The first article inspection is a QC process. A retailer must follow this compliance. This will save you time and money too.

Cost of QC Inspection in China

There are many inspection companies in China. A china-based inspection company may be your budget-friendly one. However, you cannot expect an English speaking inspector with them. Even, they will give you the QC inspection report in the Chinese language. There are many private companies in China. They are registered entities in China. You can contact them and get a quote for their inspection service. There are also many multi-national inspection companies. They have many packages, which you can select. They are very affordable to come under a long-term contract. Availing their full inspection service will be affordable. You can trust them as they follow the best practice.

China inspection services are trusted as they follow the latest compliance. It is of their national and international standards. They do update the latest changes and do as per the industrial compliance. Hiring them for QC inspection is the best to get a same-day inspection report. They do come for inspection at a different site on the same day of inspection. They do work during the night. It is advisable to select an inspection company from the list of top ten companies. When you book them online, you will get timely discounts and offers. You can do this from your country online. Yet they must be having a branch in China.

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