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Stay Connected with Employees through Corporate Training Rooms


Stay Connected with Employees through Corporate Training Rooms

Karen Allison
Karen Allison April 24, 2018

As the coworking trend continues to rise, many companies with traditional workplaces are beginning to adopt flexible or community-oriented alternatives for the employees and offices. More and more business are offering their employees the option to work remotely. This is a great way to promote employee well-being and provide a flexible solution for people’s lives outside of the typical ‘nine-to-five’.

A problem of productivity

Letting your employees work remotely gives them the freedom and responsibility to complete their work while also seeing to their personal welfare. However, businesses with employees who are used to commuting to the office everyday may see a dip in productivity when they start allowing telecommuting.

If you have allowed your employees to work from home and have since seen a hit in business, there is a likely reason: your employees are not getting anything done at home. The issue with working remotely is that it takes a little bit more discipline and time-management to be productive as opposed to working out of the office. Field sales reps and other road-warriors are adept at working without an office, but for everyone else, it takes some getting used to.

That doesn’t mean you should call your employees back to the office though. Studies show that the demand for working remotely is here to stay as job-seekers increasingly focus on work flexibility as a priority.

Don’t worry, you can have your cake and eat it too

There are solutions so that you can allow your employees to have the remote flexibility they want, but also maintain the level of productivity that you need. Until recently, hotels have been the only major provider of large-scale conference space. However, hotel conference spaces are more suited to social networking and informal business events. They do not cater to the specific needs of most mid-size business meetings. Also, since hotels are not in the business of providing functioning office space, you may end up getting charged a hefty premium for use of one.

Now, on-demand corporate training room rentals are rapidly becoming one of the hottest commodities to hit the flexible office market. Corporate training rooms are a great resource to stay connected with you employees through regularly-scheduled sessions.

The Power of Corporate Training Rooms

Growing out of the demand for hourly and daily meeting room rentals, corporate training rooms provide meeting space for mid to large-size groups. These types of spaces have long been popular among sales recruiters and HR reps needing to hold group-training sessions for new employees. Now, the demand in the public sector is growing as businesses seek to cut overhead and downsize office footprints.


Retaining a full-time conference room that can accommodate 20-30 people can be expensive, and if you’re not using that resource everyday, why should you pay for that overhead?

Corporate training room rentals allow you to book conference rooms for one-off meetings or regularly-scheduled sessions so you’re only paying for the space when you need it. Most corporate training room space providers offer by-the-hour or daily rental rates, depending on your needs.


Work flexibility is important to your employees, but so is collaboration. You may find that productivity is down among your remote employees because they are missing the social functions of the workplace. People are social creatures and we crave interaction. When we’re deprived of that, it is difficult to remain focus on basic tasks at hand; we become distracted and seek to fulfill our social quotas – work productivity declines directly as a result.

Holding regular sessions at corporate training rooms with your employees can provide a necessary medium for employees struggling to find a social balance to working at home.

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