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What Is CryptoCurrency why people use


What Is CryptoCurrency why people use

Karen Allison
Karen Allison December 17, 2017

Cryptocurrency is based on cryptography the guarantee and its security and makes it difficult to count on it. OneCoin is created through the process is called mining. This ensures that every mined coin is unique, Similar to how every dollar built has a unique serial number called digital money or electronic cash. CryptoCurrency can be used instead of paper money. CryptoCurrency makes it easier and faster to transfer funds between two parties. The Processing fees are low and enabling users to avoid the expensive fees charged by the most traditional financial institution for wire transfers.

CryptoCurrencies are not tight to a particular Country or Central Bank, therefore, the value depends mainly on a number of people and merchants using them besides supply and demands. A broker is involved in cryptocurrency so they buy and sell cryptocurrency. Best cryptocurrency brokers are those that have a lot of money to invest in the business. Now a day the one of the most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin. CryptoCurrencies  are not tight to a particular Country or Central Bank therefore the value depends mainly on number of people and merchants using them besides supply and demands. OneCoin is not pre mined and therefore the users create the market, mine and use the coins. The finite number of coins that can be mined and consequently traded means there is no real risk of  inflation. OneCoin changes the way we use financial services.

3 Reasons Bitcoin Rocks

  1. Bitcoin challenges the traditional systemof commerce, controlled by governments, the banking industry, and big corporations. It invites us to imagine a new and better way to conduct business. A community system of exchange where all people are treated as equals. Anybody can participate, no matter how little wealth, power, or influence one possesses.
  2. Bitcoin is brilliantly designed. It is such a highly complicated, yet efficient means of trade that many financial pundits predict Bitcoin will last a very long time. Indeed, as far as digital currencies go, there have been others that have either failed or seriously stalled.
  3. Bitcoin possibilities are endless. First of all, the trading value of Bitcoin (BTC) with CAD or USD is astonishing. Even though in the past its value has been volatile (1 Bitcoin has ranged in price from about $20 to $240 USD), it currently trades for about $115 CAD and has shown recent signs of greater stability. All of us get some adrenaline rush from risk and uncertainty, and who knows what the price of a Bitcoin will be in a year or two. Secondly, most shopping with Bitcoins in done online, with mainstream brick and mortar stores lacking the knowledge and infrastructure to accept Bitcoin as payment.

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