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Where to find jobs in Calgary


Where to find jobs in Calgary

Karen Allison
Karen Allison December 17, 2017

Want to work in Alberta and wondering where exactly? Here are some relevant details about jobs in Calgary.Located about 50 miles east of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is a Canadian city in Alberta province. Strategically positioned in an area of foothills, prairie and river confluence, the city is simply an irresistible attraction. With an estimate population of 1.1 million, Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and the third in the whole country.

The city’s economy is defined largely by oil and gas. With diversification though, other sectors have steadily climbed up to be among the top employment avenues. Just a quick list of these burgeoning sectors of the economy:

  • Fashion and design
  • Chemicals
  • Health and wellness
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • High-tech manufacturing

The oil and gas industry however, remains top in terms of job creation and employment. The jobs in the mentioned sector are very competitive and yes, very lucrative in terms of incomes. Some of the experts who are in demand in the petroleum industry in Calgary include:

  • Chemical engineers
  • Mining engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Petroleum engineers

Jobs relating to these professions are plentiful yet, very competitive in Calgary. Some of the big employers in the energy industry include: Suncor energy, Trans Canada and BP Canada.

Far from the energy sector, diversification has brought life to many other sectors in the city. In fact, these sectors have the highest number of employment opportunities cumulatively. Top employers here in include the Calgary Zone of the Alberta Health Service, Shaw communications, Canada Pacific Railway and Mark’s Work Warehouse.

Employment trends in the city are poised to hit the highest marks in decades in the whole country. According to recent surveys, the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor is registering among the highest growth rates in history. This has also impacted the number of available jobs in Calgary. Because of this, the city’s labor participation rate is currently at 75 percent. The unemployment statistics in the Canadian city are also promising; 5%. This is among the lowest rates world-over.

Some of the sectors that are expected to rise the ranks of superior growth include manufacturing, finance, energy, healthcare and construction. Even with all that statistic, some professions remain top in demand all year round. IT consultancy, Physicists and energy engineering.

At present, there are chances in some professions that are not as competitive. Some of these include customer service representative, entry level promotions assistant, senior project manager and consultant business analyst. If earnestly seeking an opportunity in any of the mentioned professions, consider applying soon.

Jobs in Calgary come in a rich variety, though very competitive. Skills, experience and flexibility are essential if one is to land one of these jobs. You live anywhere in Alberta, Calgary provides you a range of careers in a very dynamic retail environment. You want professionalism, team spirit and friendliness, find it all in Calgary.

Jobs in Calgary provide you a gateway to build your skills and redefine your future. Realize your career dreams in Canada’s fastest growing city.

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