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Why a Long-Term AdWords Campaign Is Vital for Every Modern Business


Why a Long-Term AdWords Campaign Is Vital for Every Modern Business

Karen Allison
Karen Allison February 4, 2018

It is no secret that modern businesses need to have an online presence. The problem is that many smaller businesses don’t understand why it is so important and fail to put in anything more than a token effort. Indeed, in many cases, businesses do not even have the in-house expertise required to run an effective online marketing campaign.

What Makes for an Effective Digital Campaign?

Online marketing does not end with a single website and a few social media accounts. Unfortunately, this is what many businesses are doing. Their concept of online marketing is virtually nonexistent. The brutal truth is that building a brand through online channels requires serious work and expertise. It is a continuous evolving process that often require more expertise than most in-house teams or individuals can offer.

So, what makes for an effective online brand-building campaign? Consider the following:

  • Social Media: While it is true that many companies use social media almost exclusively for their digital campaign, it is important to note that it is one of a number of tools. That being said, the effective use of social media through gradual product reveals, friendly and professional engagement with an audience, and daily posts can be extremely effective at building a business brand.
  • AdWords: Online marketing is synonymous with Google. An effective Google AdWords campaign run by an experienced AdWords company in Sydney can literally turn a single small business into a giant international success. What is lacking in most AdWords campaigns run by in-house teams is consistency, transparent traffic reports and analysis, and serious keyword research. The fact is that the most effective AdWords campaigns evolve on an almost daily basis. This means that the AdWords team needs to be dedicated and experienced.
  • Content: In the current online world, experts say that content is k But not just any old content. It has to be good content that is readable, interesting, authoritative, and natural. Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past and all search engines now penalise for doing this. When potential customers are attracted by good content, they are more likely to invest their time, interest and money into a brand. Getting keywords right is crucial to being visible in search engines and offering content that does not sound contrived or artificial.

A More Coherent Strategy

While it may be true that all modern businesses recognise the importance of online branding, they often implement a hit-or-miss approach to it. They may invest more time and energy into one marketing tool over another. This makes for a haphazard brand-building campaign.

An experienced online marketing firm can make all of the difference. They can implement the right tools, invest the time and effort, and produce results that have the potential to grow a small business into something much bigger.

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